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 Customer Testimonials

Read what customers have said about the chimes we offer, our site and our services offered:

 "This Christmas I was the lucky recipient of a wind chime from Goose Rocks Designs, purchased by my husband from Diddywopps and Keeffers, Monkton, MD. I opened the box to find a beautiful glass chime in the shape of a tree. It hangs in our living room window with a southern exposure, and illuminates incredibly when the sun shines on it. Thank you for your creativity and skill. We all enjoy this lovely piece of art!" --Francine, MD

 "I am a wind chime collector! I love the sound of wind chimes especially in the morning! I saw chimes similar to these (Grace Note wind chimes) on long beach island new jersey and they were $200.00 for the small version. As much as I loved them it was too much money! Then I came across yours!!!! They are sooooo wonderful to hear!!! The quality is phenomenal!!! I have told sooo many of my friends where to get them because they love the sound of mine sooo much!!!! Thank you for lifting my day every morning........."  Dee

"It wasn't until I got them home and was able to compare their sound with that of several neighbors chimes, that I began to really appreciate the difference. I have not seen any other product that reflects your quality of materials and workmanship, much less your harmonic tuning."

W.R. , Florida

"I've been besieged by friends and neighbors who want to purchase Grace Note Chimes for themselves."
Mimi ,Nevada

Love the tinkling glass. When I ordered this (Portland )glass wind chime I didn't realize it would be so sturdy. I thought I could only get the beautiful tinkling sound with thinner glass. What a pleasant surprise that it is so sturdy and yet so gentle. This is exactly the sound I was hoping for. I'll be back for more. -Chickadee, NC

"This is the fourth set of chimes that I've given as a gift from Grace Note and our friends and relatives have all been thrilled."
Sue ,California

"I picked up a a stardust 4 years ago and placed it next to my bedroom window, I normally would wake up at all hours of the night and have trouble returning to sleep but now I have no problem thanks to your chimes. Having some limited music background I can hear and see the quality and time you put into your product, thank you." Mike, Washington

"My first (Grace Note wind chime) purchase was a small windchime. I was 'blown away' with the quality, and immediately purchased the mucho grande Himalayan chimes. Woo Hoo..........My neighbors hang out and bow politely. During inclement weather, hang your GNC's inside near a low speed rotating fan. Live and love in style and GRACE. Ahh Grasshopper..............."

"Recently we watched someone unwrap one of your Grace Note Chimes & have never heard anything more beautiful!" -Mary,Ohio

Being able to hear the sound of each chime is a great marketing tool for sales on the net. I have looked and researched many brands of windchimes and have found your (Grace Note wind) chimes to be one of the best made and the sound to be second to none. Definitely a quality product. Thanks."
Bill, CA

As a musician, I am amazed to find chimes tuned to various scales and their tone is unlike any other windchime. Our first one 10 years ago was for our August anniversary with an engraving on the back about family harmony. We have moved twice since then and the two Grace Notes go up first. The E minor 7/11 by our bedroom and the lower G major 6/9 outside the living room. My 76 year old father is receiving a baritone Grace Note for Christmas because that's where the majority of his hearing remains. He can set in his chair looking out over the garden and listen to beautiful music."

"I want to send everyone a word of caution about Grace Note wind chimes. Don't buy one- buy two, buy three, get five like me !
I started out with two chimes and reluctantly bought the Super Chime, thinking it would overpower the others. This is simply not the case. These chimes are simply amazing- it's like listening to a glorious concert and each song is never the same.
Let me explain. As Mother Nature directs her beautiful breezes, some chimes will sing together, then some will step back and let one sing a solo. Then others will step up and accompany. Sometimes the Super Chime will add a fortissimo downbeat. Other times all will sing together. The variations just go on and on & I have never heard a bad song.
The sound of Grace Notes are so mesmerizing. The sound is so beautiful, at times it makes me almost cry with joy. This is not an easy thing for a man to say, but it is certainly no exaggeration either.
Yes, Grace Notes are pricey, but please don't buy those cheap, clanky, non- musical chimes like I've done for years. I don't regret one penny I've spent on these chimes. The sound and sheer enjoyment is simply worth the money. Words cannot explain the musicality of these chimes- you simply must have one or two of them, or five like me- and the wind is free!
As a final note, place a Petite Himalayan Echo right next to your bedroom window. You will notice amazing results with your body and spirit."
John, WA

"I saw your 7/11 Earthsong, and struck them, they have a clear tone. They were not bongey or clanky like some I've heard. I also notice they seemed to be machined to a higher degree than the others I have seen, plus they were a single piece 'casting' which I thought has to show some one is really on the ball when it comes to sound creation."
I love them.
Steven, TX

"I purchased a set of your beautiful windchimes while visiting home in San Francisco this summer as a house warming gift to myself and our family. I can not tell you how beautiful they sound. We live on a hill, with the sea to the front of us and the mountains behind in the Garden of Ireland, Wicklow, and the sound of beauty your chimes conjure is truly healing. They harmonize completely tranquil surroundings and also remind me of home! Thank you very much for your time and talent - they are most beloved."
Rebecca, Ireland

"The first time I saw your chimes, in Bishop, California, at an arts & crafts fair, a little over 10 years ago, I immediately fell in LOVE with the haunting, mysterious, pleasing sounds. Never have I heard anything like it. The noises of other chimes are very off-key, rinky-dink and clinky, which hurts my musical ears, but your chimes are paradise." - Stefanie, California

"I agree with all the comments made. No other windchime caught my attention and held me mesmerized. I refused to own any of the chintzy, tinny, cheap varieties that serve only to annoy."  -Brenda, NH

"I have had my Super Chime for several months now. It is hung in a 100 year old live oak in the front of our home above a park bench where we like to sit in the evenings and visit about the events of the day or whatever is on our minds. Also, the bench is available to and used by older people who are taking a stroll and need to stop for a little rest. We have had so many comments about your chime, everyone loves the soothing and deep notes. On a windy day it is really something to hear but even with a slight breeze, it's sound is soft and compelling. Soon we will be building a naturalistic swimming pool and spa in the rear of our home and your chimes will play a roll there as well. I had seen so many rinky dink chimes through the years but when I found yours, I knew I had found the work of artisians. The wav files makes the choice simple. We are well more than satisfied with our chime and have grown to love it. We will be back to Grace Note for more chimes. One note for others. Hanging the chime up high helps to disperse the sound over a wider area and is a must to prevent possible vandals from relieving you of your fine chime. Thank you for a fine product." -Brian, LA

D min 7/11 "I HATED wind chimes....only noise. I visited a garden shop, and your chimes were on display. I was awe struck. Being a former musician, noise aggravates me. I can detect when someone is off key, and it is like nails on a chalk board for some. I played with all your chimes and loved the tones, resonance, and most important, tuned. I told my wife about them, and she was astonished, as she loved wind chimes and we never owned one for our 20 years of marriage....UNTIL NOW. I'm probably going to own the entire collection, eventually. From no chimes to Grace Chimes. Since you started in Louisiana, our home state, I know where you got your "Let the good chimes toll", Les bon temps roulet!"-John,  OH

Paradise "I would like to share that I am extremely excited to receive my newly purchased, Large G, Island Melody chime. I have waited a long time to order this chime. They are not inexpensive, but never the less, they are the most beautiful sounding chimes. I have a friend that purchased this particular chime a few years ago, and I must tell you, I look forward to hearing her chimes each and every time I visit her. Karen lives in my home town, out of state, so when I go to visit, I have the privilege of visiting with a dear friend, and sleeping peacefully every evening, as I drift to sleep listening to paradise. I look forward to sharing with her too, that I have finally purchased these chimes. I absolutely love them, and look forward to sharing them with my fiancée, as he is the one purchasing them for me as an engagement gift. Thank you to John (my fiancée) for the beautiful gift, and to you as well for the beautiful music." -Kim,  GA

"I have looked long and hard for your chimes. I had bought a set 5years ago for my in-laws and have never been able to find a set as nice. I am glad I found you! Another note of what makes your chimes so special is that they make nice gifts and the bottom windplate is perfect to engrave with a date and special message."
-Jennifer, PA

" I Love Your Chimes!! I have always liked windchimes, but I recently purchased Summer Daydream and absolutely LOVE it!! It has the most beautiful sound I have ever heard from a windchime. My grandson (8 yrs old) also loves the sound. I hung it from the eaves, between our respective bedroom windows. He enjoys falling asleep to the comforting sounds each night. I am anxious to purchase more of your beautiful chimes." -Judy, CA

"I am historically a hater of windchimes. So often they are discordant things, making unwanted noise. Unfortunately, my sweetheart LOVES windchimes and seeing as I love my sweetheart, I buy them for him. Being a windchime skeptic (the ones we have are supposed to be tuned, but they don't sound tuned to me) I was hesitant to spend that much $$ on the chimes, but I decided to get them anyway. When they arrived I was first really impressed with the elegant design. I have no tolerance for cutesy windchimes with plastic birds on top. I liked the brushed silver finish and the lack of "CUTENESS" to the chimes. Then we hung them up and the tone really blew me away- what a beautiful sound, that lasted forever. Mike (the aforementioned sweetie) LOVES them. Previously I found that the sound of windchimes got on my nerves, but I always smile when I hear the Gracenotes. I am very satisfied with the purchase and I can't wait for another occasion where I can buy him the SUPER WINDCHIMES! Thanks for making such a nice and well thought out product!" -Beth , Alaska

GIFT OF LOVE--"My husband bought me the extra large chimes for my birthday a year before we were married. I am a professional singer and the gift was truly a gift of love. The tranquil sound is mesmerizing. Now we are looking to purchase a large set to put out on our gazebo. I enjoyed the wonderful sound so much that I purchased a large set for my parents. They have a large front porch and the neighbors set on their porches and now all want a set. Thank you for such a wonderful product."
MM in Texas

"Lorna has a private practice where she uses hypnosis to help her clients. She has a set of your chimes just outside her office that help facilitate her clients to feel a deep sense of relaxation. She has received as many as 40 separate requests from her clients as to how they may purchase their own set of Grace Note Chimes."
Julia Richardson
Secretary to Dr. Lorna Culter

"I am a retired physical science instructor, science textbook author, and musician. Two months ago I saw a display of your chimes in a shop in Newberry Port, MA during a visit to my son in Boston. Having always been fascinated and charmed by windchimes because of their relation to the physics of resonance, I was overwhelmed when I saw your Grace Note Chimes. Finally someone had the knowledge to create a beautiful musical sculpture using the physics of an open tube. I was intrigued how you were able to assemble a metal peg in the tube at its nodal point to produce total resonance. The you proceeded to precisely tune 6 tubes, producing a harmonious chord with a tonic root dissonant resolution. I must have studied the chimes for 15 minutes in the store, probably upsetting the proprietor. My son and daughter had to drag me away. Well, to make a long story short, they went back and purchased the Himalayan Echo, B minor 5/6/9 chimes for me as a Father's Day present. I was overcome with joy. It now hangs underneath the overhangi ng roof above my porch at my summer cottage at Legend Lake in northern Wisconsin. The beautiful tones of the G7 chord followed by an occasional dissonant C resonate across the woods and the lake as breezy gusts of wind move past the musical mobile. Thank you so much for a truly creative piece of musical art." -Neal, Wisconsin

"A still day with no wind now seems dull to us!"
Joyce, Texas

TONES FROM ABOVE!--"I live in a caretakers home at a church in Hawaii. So many people has complimented the sound of my chimes that was given to me by a friend of mine couple of years ago. A lady once told me if there was any sound that described of what heaven would be like, it would be the sound of my chimes. I totally agree!!!!!!!"
Mickey, Hawaii

"It's just a gentle note that seems to hover around us, soothing on the ear and the psyche. In a sense, it changes the vibrations around us and we feel much better, more relaxed & at peace with ourselves."
Frank ,California

"We are so delighted with their mystery."

"I received a set of extra large chimes for my birthday. These are the nicest sounding chimes I have ever heard. One of the out standing qualities about the chimes is the lingering HUUUuuuuuu sound. It is the sound of love. My many thanks to you for building such a fine quality product."
Terry, Oklahoma

"I LOVE YOUR WINDCHIMES!! Thank you for making such an excellent product. Approximately six years ago I was in San Andreas, CA and found one of your small windchimes. I thought it was kind of expensive but just had to have it. I love windchimes and had several small ones but after hanging your chime the old ones came down because the sound was so inferior to your chime. I now own a medium size one I bought in Old Sacramento and together the music they play is unbelievable. I hope to obtain several more in the future and am planning to buy some for gifts this Christmas. Thank you for your wonderful product. I no longer buy any other windchime. I find the sound so soothing and relaxing."
Catherine, California

"I purchased one of your large chimes (Treasure of Heaven) and absolutely love it. It is in my background near the window of my home office and when the breeze blows and it rings it is always such a lovely surprise. Unlike most chimes I have heard, these make music, not a metallic tinkling sound. The music is soothing, calming, and makes me happy when I hear it. I am giving a set to a friend of mine for her birthday and can hardly wait for her to hang them so she will love them too! Thank you for taking the time to make such a fine product! -Sandy Saburn

"This Christmas I was the lucky recipient of a wind chime from Goose Rocks Designs, purchased by my husband from Diddywopps and Keeffers, Monkton, MD. I opened the box to find a beautiful glass chime in the shape of a tree. It hangs in our living room window with a southern exposure, and illuminates incredibly when the sun shines on it. Thank you for your creativity and skill. We all enjoy this lovely piece of art!" --Francine, MD

"this is my second chime that i purchased from Goose Rocks. i love the aesthetics of their pieces. color and form just flow from this piece. the color is absolutely vibrant!" Mahina 


I have a goose rock windchime and have purchased several for gifts. They make the perfect gift for anyone! -MD

 Beautiful and unique. The design (Dryden) and appearence is unique. The sound is unusual and very pleasing. -Bill, NY

"I noticed this wind chime in a small shop in Salem, MA with a friend. About a year later they got it for me. I have had it for years - it has been inside and outside at different points. It is very sturdy, I have only had to replace 3 glass pieces - and only after dropping it from a 2 story building. The replacement pieces we inexpensive and easy to install."

 "This (Sebago) delicate wind chime is charming. I have it placed in a protected area near an outdoor jacuzzi. It's very pretty and makes a nice sound." Chimer, CA

 Very Nice chime looks better than the picture. It also sounds great. -Kev, GA

 This is a beautiful windchime (Cobscook) with a nice sound. The translucent blue with the green accents is eyecatching. -Lisa, CA

 This (Acadia) mobile is both attractive and the sound it produces is just right. -L, NY

 I hung this (Maple wind chime) in my front door entry way. I love it! I also get comments from visitors. -Shell, TX

 Its absolutely gorgeous. I already have told several friends about your glass wind chimes. -Cgreen, GA

 Beautiful look and sound! (Ogunquit-t)Looks beautiful on front porch. Has a very sweet sound and the color is very attractive. -Barb, MO.

 I liked it (Quimby) so much I ordered 3 more glass wind chimes! -Carol, GA

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