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 Healing Sounds Wind Chimes
Seasonal Harmonizing Notes

  Unique tunings harmonize the Chinese Elements of Water, Fire, Wood & Metal


We are proud to offer a brand new line of Grace Note tuned wind chimes. Sound healers believe that harmony is the secret to health. These Seasonal Harmonizing Chimes® (1 for each season), use Fabien’s modes. Musician/composer, acupuncturist Fabien Maman, one of the world’s leading experts on vibrational sound therapy, developed a series of Seasonal Harmonizing Concerts® to bring human beings, nature and the cosmos into healing harmony.  The resonating tones of these precision tuned windchimes harmonize four of the five traditional Chinese elements, Water, Fire, Wood and Metal.  What could be a better addition to your home and garden environment than these Chinese healing sounds?  Listen below and click on the pictures for more details on each of these tuned wind chimes.

Personalized engraving is available on each of these wind chimes.

Medium Seasonal Wind Chimes - 50"overall length, tube diameter .875"
$304  $221.99  Free Shipping!

Spring Summer Autumn
Med. Winter Seasonal aluminum wind chimes
Med. Spring Seasonal Aluminum Wind chime
Med. Summer Seasonal Aluminum Wind chime
Med. Autumn Seasonal Aluminum Wind chime

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NOTE: We use Windows Media Player & Apple Quicktime for the chime play buttons. If you have Windows Media Player, but cannot play the chimes go to: http://www.apple.com/quicktime, Click on Download Now and download the free Quicktime plug-in.

Large Seasonal Wind Chimes - 56" overall length, tube diameter 1.45"
$381 $279.99  Free Shipping





Grace Notes Spring Seasonal Wind chime
Grace Note Summer Seasonal Wind chime

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With these tuned windchimes you can have a harmonizing mini-concert in your own backyard that tunes with the energies of each season! Relax or Meditate with the healing sounds. Chose your favorite or collect them all!

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