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 Personalized Engraving on our Hand Tuned Aluminum Wind Chimes by Grace Notes

Personalized wind chimes make a thoughtful and lasting gift. Personalized engraving is a lovely way to create that custom wind chime to commemorate a special occasion or date, such as a holiday, birthday, wedding, or any special event or occasion. For many, the tranquil sound of wind chimes can soothe the soul. What more perfect a memorial gift than to make a soothing musical wind chime into a memorial wind chime or sympathy wind chime by adding a special thought, short poem or simply the name and dates to commemorate the life of a loved one.     

Personalized wind chimes photoTheBestOfChimes.com is pleased to offer personalized engraving on the windplates for many of our tuned aluminum wind chimes. (The windplate is the “sail” that hangs below the windchime to catch the wind.) 

With an in-house engraving technician, up to 50 characters of your choice can be engraved on the windplate to customize the wind chime of your choice from our Tuned Aluminum Windchime category. In addition, you can have the words or dates you choose engraved on either a blank windplate, or a windplate with one of the design templates shown below.

If you choose one of the templates, your words will replace the words shown on the template in our pictures below. For example, if you choose template #2, the rose will be engraved on the windplate along with whatever words you have sent us to engrave.

For every wind chime where engraving is available, you will see “personalized engraving available” below the description on the product page for that wind chime. From the product page, you will be able to add the engraving option by selecting it from ‘Other Products of Interest’, or when your are reminded of the engraving option again after you have added your windchime to the shopping cart.  

Personalized engraving is $10.00 for each wind chime purchased.

To shop specifically for personalized windchimes, click here to see and hear all our Tuned Aluminum wind chimes which can be engraved. Or return to our home page to shop from our other wind chime categories such as glass wind chimes and steel windchimes which also make wonderful windchime gifts.

Engraving Templates

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