Frequently Asked Questions About our Glass Wind Chimes
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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Glass Wind Chimes

  Can glass wind chimes be hung safely outdoors?

The glass wind chimes found on may be hung outdoors, although if you choose one with a wooden frame we advise placing windchimes with wooden frames in a sheltered area. For your convenience a brass cup hook for hanging your chime is included with every glass wind chime ordered. In extreme weather and high winds, chimes should be moved to a protected site.

How durable are glass wind chimes?

The glass in our windchimes is durable under normal weather conditions. In extreme weather and high winds, glass wind chimes should be moved to a protected site. The line used to string these windchimes is made from a woven polyethylene designed to withstand years of UV exposure.

Explain the windchime dimensions and how they are measured?

The dimension listed for the glass wind chimes are length x width x depth.
The length is measured from the highest point of the frame to the lowest point of the windchime. The width is measured across the widest point of the chime. The depth is measured across the narrow side of the windchime. For circular glass windchimes, the width and depth will be the same.

Hows long does if take for my order to ship?

Your glass wind chime order will be shipped out within 2 business days. You can expect to receive your windchime order within approximately 5-7 business days. Please be aware that delivery times can be slightly longer during the busy holiday season.

What if my chime is damaged in shipment?

To minimize the potential for breakage, each glass wind chime is carefully packed in a corrugated shipping box cushioned with water-soluble biodegradable material made from vegetable starch. In the unliklely event of breakage, please contact our customer service department right away at and we will assist you promptly.

In the event of accidental breakage, can individual glass pieces from my windchimes be replaced?

In the unlikely event of breakage, individual glass pieces for the glass wind chimes can be replaced at a very reasonable cost. Should you need to replace glass pieces, please contact and we will assist you.
What is your return policy?

We know that you will be completely satisfied with your glass wind chimes from However, if you should need to return your windchimes, permission for any returns must be secured form our returns department. You have 30 days from ship date to receive refunds. Please see our
Store Policies for detailed return instructions.

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