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Church Bell / Steeple Chimes

Tuned wind chimes that ring like the soothing call of church bells or clock tower bells

Many wind chime tunings are considered to be spiritual wind chimes or to bring spiritual harmony with nature.The familiar ringing of church bells certainly elicits a very spiritual connection for many. One of our many choices in precision-tuned windchimes, these resonant chimes are tuned to emulate the sound of church bells and/or clock tower bells, ringing in peaceful reverence with each breeze.

Personalized engraving is available where noted with these wind chimes.

 Petite Steeple Chimes
 Large Steeple Chimes
Black Steeple Chimes
50" Wind Chime
57" Wind Chime 57" Wind Chime 90" Wind Chime
0.75" tube diameter
0.875" tube diameter
0.875" tube diameter
 1.5" tube diameter
     Black Steeple chimes
Westminster wind chime


Engraving Available Engraving Available Engraving Available  
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NOTE: We use Windows Media Player & Apple Quicktime for the chime play buttons. If you have Windows Media Player, but cannot play the chimes go to: http://www.apple.com/quicktime, and click on "Download Now" to download the free Quicktime plug-in.

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